The Company

The Leeds Wall was founded in 1996 by a group of local climbers who wanted to create a training venue. Shortly after this they opened The Leeds Wall Shop to provide a dedicated climbing shop for the growing number of climbers. As climbing has developed the shop has expanded from its small beginnings in reception to a specialist climbing shop serving the Yorkshire region.Today The Leeds Wall is a thriving business and remains at the forefront of climbing in the UK.

From 2006 to 2008 time has been invested in stocking a wide range of quality items. The Leeds Wall is now hoping to pass on the success of our Leeds based shop to you, the customer, by going online. The aim of our online store is to provide the same first class service you receive in the shop. The Leeds Wall is committed to providing specialist clothing and equipment made by climbers for climbers.This ensures that you will receive only the best advice from the people who know and use the gear.

We hope that you enjoy shopping with us and find the store full of useful products.

Our Staff

All the staff employed in the shop are seasoned climbers whether they are into bouldering, sport or trad they all have expereience in all aspects of the climbing world and they can draw on that experience to give you the best possible service. Below are the profiles of the staff we currently employ.


Our Online Sales Manager, Jon. 

Jon has been surrounded by climbing all of his life with his dad introducing him to climbing at the tender age of two! From day one though he was being carried up mountains in a papoose and spending every holiday camping around the UK. As soon as he could walk though he was walking up mountains and playing around on any rock that he could find. When he was nine he was taken to a local newly opened indoor climbing wall and from there it was all about climbing. From then on he was totally enveloped it the outdoor world using his rest days climbing mountains and exploring everything the outdoor world has to offer. When he turned fifteen he got his first job as an assistant instructor at the local wall and then he realized that this was industry he wanted to go into. The next step was working for the biggest outdoor company in the UK setting up a new flagship shop which he quickly flew through the ranks and ended up running the whole outdoor supplies floor but it was a step too far from climbing so he left and got a job at The Leeds Wall and has never looked back since! Today he still enjoys climbing but at a more steady rate and has dedicated the last couple of years to his career and has become an expert in the climbing world through gear testing and studying the manufacture of gear as well as selling it for seven years. If you care about grades then he is climbing sport at 7A, trad at E2 and is currently having a winter season bouldering and has got to V5 in a few months of bouldering properly and not just sitting on mats like he normally does!